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Teleskoop AC 102/660 AZ-3, Omegon

  • Tootja: Omegon
  • Mudel: 33133
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 348.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 348.95€

Product description:

102/660 - compact travel and cometary telescope

A long time travelling on a long journey, an adventurer in the sky - comets are wanderers from the depths of our solar system and some come to visit us. Look up at the sky and marvel at the astronomical show. The 102/660 not only provides you with a huge field of view but has particularly fast optics.

The 102/660 optics - a compact telescope with light power

The 102mm aperture not only lets you observe the Moon and planets, but lets you get into the realm of the 'deep sky' and see a good number of 'DSOs'. Observe young star clusters, such as the Pleiades, in detail for the first time or take a look at extended galactic nebulae.

With only a 660mm focal length, this telescope has a particularly wide field of view and is an optimal telescope for soaking up wide views of the night sky. And if you are interested in getting a closer view of a particular object, then simply insert a different eyepiece and you can magnify by up to 200X. 102mm of aperture also lets you resolve some planetary atmospheres and you will be able to observe many details on planets - such as the cloud bands on Jupiter.

Comet finder? - yes it can!

Imagine to yourself it's just getting dark, the stars are shining in the sky and right in front of you there is a majestic comet. You point the 102/660 telescope up at it and the coma and a good part of the dust tail unfolds. That is what this telescope is good for - it's a comet finder. It will show you these travellers from other regions of the Solar System. Feel like a real comet researcher - such as Jean-Louis Pons, one of the most famous discoverers of comets.

The Omegon AZ-3 mount - Precision tracking via slow-motions on both axes

An altazimuth mount with slow motion controls on two axes - the AZ-3 mount lets you follow any object, whether in the night sky or on the earth. Simply put the object in the field of view, and then use the slow motion controls to track the object in the direction required as you are observing it. So your mount lets you easily follow objects - even at higher magnifications. This means you are free to enjoy your observing more, as the tracking is entirely intuitive.

A large central screw lets you decide whether you prefer to track horizontally (e.g. when terrestrially observing) or track while pointing upwards at the sky. This allows you to reach any point you want to observe. The telescope mount lets you move in any direction to give you the all-round view you need - the AZ-3 mount is fully 360° rotatable.

The advantages:

  • fast cometary telescope with 102mm aperture
  • portable and ready-to-use
  • 2" focuser with reducer-adapter for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces
  • red dot finder to let you easily locate objects
  • comfortable 90° viewing angle with high quality metal star diagonal
  • AZ-3 mount with slow-motions for fine corrections
  • mount with photo thread - for attaching spotting scopes or cameras
  • aluminium tripod (extendable) with practical storage tray for accessories



Type Refractor
Type of build Achromat
Aperture (mm) 102
Focal length (mm)660
Aperture ratio (f/) 6,5
Resolving capacity 1,13
Limit value (mag) 11,8
Light gathering capacity 210
Max. useful magnification 200
Tube constructionFull tube


Type of build Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece) 2


Type of build AZ-3
Mounting type Azimuthal 
GoTo control no
Tracking no



Included accessories

1.25'' eyepieces 20mm, 10mm
Barlow Lens -
Deviating optics 1.25", 90° star diagonal
Finder scope Red dot finder 



Area of application

Nature Observationyes
Moon & Planetsyes
Nebulae & galaxiesyes
Sun no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

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