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  • Tootja: Bresser
  • Mudel: NT-203/1000
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 439.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 439.95€

BRESSER Messier NT-203/1000 Hexafoc Optical Tube

The BRESSER Messier NT-203 telescope with a parabolic main mirror provides you images that a few years ago were impossible in this price class. Modern production technology lets you track the shadows of Jupiter’s moons on the planet; the amount of structure and details on the surface of the planet is breathtaking. But the BRESSER Messier NT-203 is not only great for planetary observation: Detect details in faint distant galaxies and let the glow of nebulae take you to a journey into the depth of the milky way. The BRESSER Messier NT-203 provides you with images from the remains of giant exploded stars and gives you a view into the nursery of new stars. Let this big scope take you away to the beauty of the universe!

Please note: Reflector telescopes with optical design “Newton” are very good for astronomical observing at the starry night sky. But these telescopes are not well usable for observing landscape and nature during daylight. Therefore we suggest BRESSER refractor (lens) telescopes for landscape and nature observing.


  • Excellent focuser with 65mm open diameter
  • Diffraction limited optics with parabolic main mirror
  • optimized finder socket for comfortable use 
  • Cradle rings with handle and integrated piggyback camera holder (1/4 thread) 
  • Dovetail plate with stainless steel
  • T2 thread for DSLR cameras (T2-adapter ring for your camera is needed) 
  • 50,8mm (2") to 31,7mm (1,25") adapter with integrated T2 thread (T2-adapter ring for your camera is needed) 


  • Optical tube
  • 26mm Super Plossl eyepiece (31.7 mm / 1.25 ")
  • Integrated 31.7 mm and T2 adapter
  • Adapter for 50.8 mm (2 ") eyepieces
  • Tube rings with prism rail (for EXOS and LXD-75)
  • Handle and Camera Mount
  • 8x50 finderscope
  • Astronomy Software PC - Stellarium
  • Telescope Primer
  • Rotating star map

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