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Levenhuk MED 12M Microscope Digital Camera with 9.7

  • Tootja: Levenhuk
  • Mudel: 72780
  • Saadavus: Pre-Order
  • 999.95€ 844.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 155€


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Levenhuk MED 12M Microscope Digital Camera with a 9.7" LCD Screen is compatible with trinocular microscopes. It is installed in a separate eyepiece tube. Below it there is a digital camera, a digital screen is located above it. The camera transmits an image from the objective lens of a microscope online, the screen allows for comfortable working with delivered images. You can connect the camera to a computer or TV, if necessary.

Levenhuk MED 12M Microscope Digital Camera with a 9.7" LCD Screen is an up-to-date accessory that runs on Android platform. It is supplied with two built-in modules (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), due to which its capability of connecting to different devices significantly extends. The camera can deliver an image from the objective lens, record video, and take pictures. You can use an internal memory card or an SD card for storing footage.

A sensor screen is used for controlling the camera. You will find a memory card slot and HDMI port on one side of the camera; a built-in microphone, two USB ports, and a slot for headphones are on the other side. You can connect a mouse to the screen for your convenience.

The software comes pre-installed. A built-in application allows for changing the camera settings, taking pictures, recording videos, and viewing recorded material. You can adjust an image as you wish: apply color and temperature filters, adjust contrast, sharpness, brightness, and gamma. Professional researchers will appreciate such indispensable features as specimens measuring and particle analyzis.

Levenhuk MED Digital Camera is compatible with microscopes of 23.2-mm eyepiece tube diameter. Mount is already included in the kit. Constant network connection is required during operation (adapter included).

Caution! Do not install Levenhuk MED digital cameras with an LCD screen into the inclined eyepiece tube. Otherwise, the LCD screen or the microscope may fall or get damaged.

The kit includes:

  • Digital camera with LCD screen
  • Power adapter
  • C-mount
  • USB cable
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
LCD screen9,7", color, sensor
ProcessorQuad core RK 3288, 1.8 GHz
Internal memory, GB8
Applicationthird eyepiece tube of 23.2mm diameter, C-mount
Maximum resolution (static), px2048x1536
Pixel size2.2x2.2
Frame rate, frames per second30
Image format*.mjpg
Video format*.mp4
Sensitivity, v / lux.sec @ 550 nm18.8
Exposure time, ms50–1000
Spectral range, nm390-770
Ability to connect additional equipment (not included in the kit)support of microSD cards with capacity up to 32 Gb;
mouse (with a USB port);
monitor/TV (with a HDMI port);
OSAndroid 5.1 (multilingual)
Built-in modulesWi-Fi, Bluetooth
White balanceauto/manual
Exposure controlauto/manual
Software featuresmeasurement, brightness, exposure time, etc.
Power supplyDC12 W / 2 A; AC adapter, via USB 2.0 cable
Garantii 999 months
Iepakojuma izmēri (GxPxA) 27.5 x 23.0 x 8.5 cm
Riik PRC, controlled by Levenhuk, Inc. (USA)
Svars 1.1 kg

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